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Your Body's Detoxification Process

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How does your body naturally detoxify certain environmental threats?
Every day you are exposed to a barrage of chemicals in the environment that are not naturally found in your body. These chemicals can take a toll on your overall health and wellness. Thankfully, your body has a natural detoxification system to help get rid of harmful substances that you are exposed to in the environment, or from household products and even the food you eat. Your detoxification system has 2 phases: First, when chemicals enter your body, Phase 1 detoxifying enzymes begin to process them into metabolites, which may be potentially harmful. Next, Phase 2 detoxifying enzymes change the potentially harmful metabolites into water-soluble compounds that can be easily excreted from your body.
Why is detoxification support important?
The potentially harmful metabolites that are left behind by the first phase of your body’s natural detoxification process can be much more toxic than the original chemical. As long as these metabolites are swirling around in our cells they can cause damage to our DNA, proteins, and lipids. A good way to think of the metabolites is to consider holding a lit match: the longer you hold the match without blowing it out, the more likely you are to get burned. Therefore, their removal from the body is of vital importance to our overall health and general wellness.
What are natural killer cells?
A natural killer cell is a white blood cell with the ability to cause cells with foreign material to self-destruct.

The Science Behind Avmacol®

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What is sulforaphane?
Sulforaphane is a phytochemical (a phytochemical is a biologically active compound of plant or vegetable origin) that helps increase the production of important Phase 2 detoxifying enzymes, promoting your body’s natural detoxification process, thereby supporting the elimination of potentially harmful metabolites. These harmful metabolites may cause damage to DNA, proteins and lipids in your cells. Sulforaphane is formed when a compound called glucoraphanin is transformed by an enzyme called myrosinase. Both glucoraphanin and active myrosinase enzyme are needed for sulforaphane production.
What is glucoraphanin?
Glucoraphanin is a compound that is present in many cruciferous vegetables, most notably in broccoli. It is an essential ingredient needed for sulforaphane production because it is sulforaphane’s direct precursor. The myrosinase enzyme processes glucoraphanin into sulforaphane.
What is myrosinase and why is it so important?
Myrosinase is an important enzyme required to convert glucoraphanin into sulforaphane. Additionally, it can be found in cruciferous vegetables, though it can become inactivated during the cooking process. It is important to remember that active myrosinase enzyme is necessary to convert glucoraphanin into sulforaphane.
Can I eat a lot of broccoli and get the benefits of sulforaphane?
Sulforaphane production is not predictable when eating broccoli. The levels of glucoraphanin and the active myrosinase enzyme vary greatly in vegetables you would typically buy at the market due to seed quality, soil composition, and other factors. Additionally, the myrosinase enzyme can be destroyed during the cooking process. Therefore, simply eating cruciferous vegetables, like broccoli, does not provide reliable amounts of glucoraphanin and the myrosinase enzyme and thus does not guarantee that your body will make sulforaphane.
What is the Sulforaphane Production System®?
The Sulforaphane Production System® is the foundation of the entire Avmacol® product line and includes the essential
ingredients needed to promote sulforaphane production – glucoraphanin and active myrosinase enzyme.

Avmacol® Extra Strength

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What is Avmacol® Extra Strength?
Avmacol® Extra Strength is a patented, sulforaphane-producing supplement that works in combination with Maitake mushroom extract (Grifola Frondosa) to support your body’s natural detoxification process better than sulforaphane alone.1 Avmacol® Extra Strength provides glucoraphanin and active myrosinase enzyme which are the essential ingredients needed for sulforaphane production.
How does Avmacol® Extra Strength work?
Avmacol® Extra Strength delivers glucoraphanin and active myrosinase enzyme, which are the ingredients needed for sulforaphane production, along with the Maitake mushroom extract (Grifola frondosa). This combination helps increase the production of Phase 2 detoxifying, thereby supporting the elimination of potentially harmful metabolites.* A good way to think about the mechanism of action of sulforaphane in our cells is as having the effect of turning up a “dimmer switch” which controls Phase 2 enzyme production in cells. The Maitake mushroom extract works in combination with sulforaphane to support your body’s natural detoxification process better than sulforaphane alone.
1 Maitake mushroom extract has also been shown in published studies to support the immune system.
Is Avmacol® Extra Strength gluten-free?
Yes, Avmacol® Extra Strength is gluten-free.
Is Avmacol® Extra Strength vegetarian?
Yes, Avmacol® Extra Strength is a vegetarian formula.
Does Avmacol® Extra Strength contain any artificial colors?
No, Avmacol® Extra Strength does not contain any artificial colors.
How should I take Avmacol® Extra Strength?
Take 1 (one) tablet per day with a meal.
Is there a generic equivalent?
No, there is no generic equivalent.

1 In a laboratory study, treatment of RAW 264.7 cells with the combination of Maitake mushroom extract and sulforaphane resulted in greater induction of the expression of Phase 2 enzyme NQO1 than either individual component alone.

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